At this week’s meeting we were pleased to host MLA Jeff Bereza, Portage la Prairie, pictured here, center along with Rotarians Joe Masi, Tosha Hotel, Sherrie Palmer & Preston Meier. Jeff shared with us how it has been for him since being elected in October of 2023 and subsequently appointed Shadow Minister for Agriculture. He said it has been a huge learning curve and was grateful for the opportunities the Legislative Assembly has for new MLA’s coming on to “learn the ropes” so-to-speak. He went on to say that this position has been the greatest honour of his life and he looks forward to serving each and every constituent in the Portage la Prairie riding regardless of their political leanings, and that he is committed to working towards what is best for all Manitobans. Jeff has made it a priority to speak to as many members of the community on a regular basis being sure to hear the concerns and questions of every citizen. Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us, Jeff.