Our guest this week was Jeanna Emms, Employment and Training Program Coordinator/Consultant at the Portage Friendship Centre, pictured here on the right along with Lori Anderson, executive assistant. She was able to share with us just a small spattering of the wide variety of programs and services available at the Friendship Centre such as the Parent Child program, summer day camps, overnight camping trips, after school programming, youth employment skills training, and cooking classes to name a few. She also shared about drum building workshops and ribbon skirt and vest making workshops. More important than the projects themselves is the teachings that go along with this important part of learning. The Friendship Centre also houses a Regalia Library. Families can borrow items out of the library such as jingle dresses and other Regalia for ceremonies and powwows. Regalia is very expensive which can be a barrier to participating in these ceremonies. Jeanna and all the staff at the Friendship Centre are working hard to build understanding between all, indigenous and non-indigenous people. She invited anyone who is interested in building on this common understanding to stop by the Friendship Centre anytime to learn more about the great work they are doing in our community. Thank you so much for joining us!